The Processing Plant

Our new state-of-the-art fully Automated Plant is strategically located as part of the mega-site in Al Ain – Nahel road, 136 kilometers from Abu Dhabi and 120 kilometers from Dubai. It is the pinnacle of modern design and the latest technology.

At Marmum, we have a commitment to sustainability and are always seeking new and innovative methods to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. The processing plant ensures incorporation of advanced approaches to deliver the most efficient production techniques, guarantee the highest quality control and also minimize energy consumption ensuring a sustainable future. Our pasteurizers are designed based on American PMO standards and our filling machines are with the capability to produce ESL products. Being ISO22,000 and HACCP compliant, we pride ourselves as one of the most modern, quality oriented and environment-friendly organizations.

The fully integrated design and construction are orchestrated with the input from industry leading experts from across the globe.


Our quality first approach

At Marmum, we follow a rigorous, zero tolerance procedure to deliver only the best quality dairy to our consumers. The quality assurance process includes the following levels of checks

Once the raw milk is received from the farm, a sample is taken by the Quality Check team to analyze it and ensure that it is within the parameters set for the use of production.

On approval from Quality Check team, the milk is pumped into the plant and stored for the further processing. The milk is then taken for further processing as per the requirement to produce different products.

Once the products are packed a sample of each product from each batch is collected and kept for the observation and analysis before releasing to the market for the sales.

If the product is not found to be in line with the benchmarks set, it is put on hold and rejected, which means the products are stopped from being sold and we work on the next batch with no compromise on quality.