Our Products

We offer full cream, low fat, skimmed and flavoured milk as variants. Every variant adheres to the quality standards of Marmum and comes in multiple volumes to satisfy differing needs.
We understand your growing love for Yoghurt and thus cater to this growing trend by offering a number of variants including Full Cream, Low Fat, Skimmed and a range of fruit based Yoghurts.
With the promise of freshness, all our juices make for great refreshers. A few of the mouth-watering variants include orange, kiwi lime, mango, lemon & mint, fruit cocktail juice, orange carrot, apple, mixed-berry, and guava.
Our Laban products are enriched with probiotic culture. Besides improving the immunity system and allowing people to be active, our Fresh Laban helps you keep your vitamin intake replenished.
Greek yoghurts are a great source of protein especially if you need to avoid meat. Our creamy rich Greek Yoghurts make for delicious nutrient-packed snacks.
Laban cool is another thirst-quenching refresher in the category and comes in different variants – Cool Natural, Cool Cumin, Cool Cucumber Mint and Cool Fenugreek/Methi.
Our lassi is a range of perfectly blended ingredients that comes in many flavours and a range manufactured especially to satiate your sweet tooth.