About Our Farm

Our friendly farm houses over 4200 Holstein Cattle which produce approximately 52.5 million liters of milk every year. Uttermost care has been taken to provide a comforting environment for all these cattle. Our sheds are temperature controlled allowing for maximum health and comfort of the cattle.

We also make sure all our cattle stay hydrated by providing frequent access to clean water. We perform in house breeding of herds through artificial insemination which gives our cows better immunity. The food we feed our cattle consists of a combination of forage, alfalfa hay, corn silage, grains (corn, wheat, and barley) and protein sources such as soybean meal plus vitamins and minerals to ensure they eat healthily and stay healthy.

We also schedule regular medical checkups to make sure all our cattle are in good health.

Dairy Farm Innovations

The Marmum farm has been designed keeping in mind the best interests of all stakeholders involved, including the environment.

This makes it the first of its kind in UAE. The farm is efficiently equipped with the latest technology products such as refrigerated tankers to deliver fresh raw milk to the factory. Besides this, there are also advanced cow cooling barns and innovative rotary milking parlours.

We also have a team of dedicated professionals to ensure quality control at every stage. With so much precision and advancement, we are certain that our internal project is an achievement not just for us but UAE’s dairy industry as well.

Animal Welfare Matters

Consumers do not just want to buy quality products. They are also increasingly concerned with the conditions in which milk is produced, especially its impact on the environment and animal well-being.

At Marmum, we believe our cattle are our family and we do everything in our capacity to take good care of them. All our cattle are well treated and are in climate controlled barns which have a rubber cover on all hard surfaces and are equipped with automatic flushers. All these make for a clean, cool and stress-free environment for the herd. All our cattle have access to fresh drinking water.

We’ve taken essential measures to ensure safety at all touchpoints. In addition to appointing a dedicated nutritionist to formulate balanced rations, we schedule annual health checkups for the entire herd as a precautionary mandate in the best interest of our cattle’s health. Besides, the automatic activity monitoring helps identify and zone in on cows with reduced activity or milk yield as a result of illness. This leads to more timely veterinary care whenever required. We have in place a comprehensive vaccination program.